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    Patterson High School - Baltimore, Maryland, MD

    Alice Bibbins
    Office of Corporate Services
    U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

    I would like to thank you and the US Patent and Trademark Office, on behalf of Patterson High School, for the extremely generous donation you made recently.

    One year ago, Patterson had only one small computer lab in the library for use by our 1,600 students, and two even smaller computer labs for students enrolled in two of our vocational technology programs. Many of these computers were broken and in need of repairs. The computers available to staff were limited to administrators and a few secretaries, and record keeping was the primary use. We didn't have computers to give to our teaching staff, so most of their work was done by hand or on computers at home, unless they were able to get their own donation or were lucky enough to have an extra one to bring to school. We had internet access in every classroom, yet no computers with which to access it. We have students who are excited by computers and the internet, but have very little access at home, in their communities, and until your generous donation, at school.

    When I took the five minutes necessary to post our school's information to the site, I was hoping to receive a few computers to use in my classroom with students. Your donation of 252 Pentium 3 computers, 54 monitors, and 32 printers was well beyond my wildest dreams. Today, thanks to your donation, all classrooms at Patterson HS are equipped with two computers; Biology, Government, Algebra I and English II classrooms-our tested subjects-are equipped with four. We were also able to update our labs. Student and teacher interaction with computers and the internet at Patterson HS now occurs daily. The challenge of educating high school students in large urban communities is tremendous. Positive change is often the result of multiple initiatives and hours of work by many dedicated people all coming together, and the results, when measurable, are often small. Your donation-which cost me the five minutes necessary to post our school's information on the Computers for Learning site-fundamentally changed the way we work and educate students at Patterson HS. We-our leadership team, led by Principal Laura D'Anna, teachers, students, parents, and alumni-cannot thank you and the US Patent and Trade Office enough.

    Emily Butler, 9th Grade English Teacher
    Patterson High School
    100 Kane Street
    Baltimore, MD - 21124

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    Carver Vocational-Technical High School - Baltimore, Maryland, MD

    Alice Bibbins
    Office of Corporate Services
    U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

    I would like to thank you, Ms. Bibbins, and the US Patent and Trademark Office for the wonderful donation of the Pentium 4 systems to our school. Our Principal, Mr. Michael Frederick, had a vision earlier this school year of totally upgrading our library and our general computer lab, as well as making sure that each teacher in the school had a computer in the classroom. Needless to say, it was just a vision until we heard from you. We are presently in the process of imaging each computer and installing them in the library and computer lab. We will also place a system in each teacherís classroom. In some of the classrooms, (English, Foreign Language, Math) we plan to install three to four computers along with a workstation for the teacher. This donation goes a long way in fulfilling our needs and helping to improve academic achievement for our students. Thank you again for your wonderful donation!

    Phyllis Clark
    Carver Vocational-Technical High School
    2201 Presstman Street
    Baltimore, MD 21216

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    Cardinal Forest Elementary School, Springfield, VA

    Alice Bibbins
    Office of Corporate Services
    U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

    I would like to thank the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (Alice Bibbins) for their generous donations of 48 LaserJet printers and 72 complete Pentium 4 computer systems. We originally were looking for printers for each of our teachers and were able to acquire computers for every classroom in the school. These donations will impact every student in pre-K through 6th Grade classes. Ms. Bibbins made the process very easy and comfortable for us to pick up the equipment. We have tested all equipment and have found not a single problem. The computers came with RAM and decent-sized hard drives for the elementary school classroom. The monitors exceeded our expectations, as each one is an NEC 21" flat screen that pivots!

    Our students and staff are very excited about the upcoming school year with these additional resources for the classroom. Please share this success story on your website and also extend the thanks to Ms. Bibbins. She single-handedly fulfilled our school technology goal of three Pentium 4 computers and one LaserJet per classroom.

    Fred Allard
    School Based Technology Specialist
    Cardinal Forest Elementary School
    8600 Forrester Blvd.
    Springfield, VA 22152

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    Saint Francis Xavier School

    Elizabeth A. Williams-Frye
    U.S. Department of State

    Thank you so much for your wonderful donation of computer equipment from the U.S. Department of State to Saint Francis Xavier School. My husband, son and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and Wilma. This transaction was a unique experience for us. Everyone at St. Francis is thrilled with all of the equipment. There was such excitement when we arrived at school with the truckload of equipment.
    Enclosed with this letter is a card made by students to than you personally for helping our school. Rather than inundate you with cards from all students, they made a single card for you and one for Wilma.
    Sincerely, Catherin Frame, Principal

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    Kennedy Space Center Transfer of Computers

    Thanks to the KennedySpaceCenterand Michele Phillips!

    I originally requested 20 computers for my new PC Support program so that my students would have something to experiment on and was surprised when the allocation turned out to be 40 complete Pentium 4 systems that allowed me to completely update my lab and replace my 8 year old Pentium 2 machines.

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    Back to Grade School for Northeast & Caribbean Employees

    P.S. 89 invites GSA associates to see how the computers GSA donated to the school were being used.

    Northeast & Caribbean Region employees Catherine Morant, Philip Heitner, and Diane Marinacci went back to grade school recently when they paid a visit to P.S. 89 in the Bronx. The trio was invited to the school by Principal Ronald Rivera to see first hand how the computers GSA donated to the school were being used. Several months ago Principal Rivera was bemoaning the lack of computers at his school to WINS radio. The on-air segment was heard by Marinacci who contacted Rivera and told him about the Computers for Learning Program. The result was a donation of 400 pieces of excess computer equipment to the school and the invitation for the GSA team to visit. To view pictures of the visit, go to the Northeast and Caribbean Region's internal website. Contact: Renee Miscione, (212) 264-0424.

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