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    All eligible schools and educational nonprofits must re-register to use the new CFL Module in GSAXcess. With this new system, schools and educational nonprofits will have a more fair and equitable chance to obtain federal excess computer property. We apologize in advance if this causes any hardship on our customers, however the new system is not compatible with the old system and there simply is no easy way to do this.

    All eligible schools must provide a valid National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES) number to continue to complete the form. Schools can find this number by going to the NCES web site at

    All educational nonprofits must enter a 501C tax ID number to continue to complete the form.

    If a user does not provide a valid (or correct format) NCES or 501c number, an error message will appear. After three attempts, the user will then have to re-start the registration process.

    Assignment of Eligible Recipient User ID and Password

    First two characters of User ID will be CL; the remaining four will be alpha-numeric randomly generated by the system, exclude the number zero '0'and the letter O, to avoid confusion.

    The system will generate a password for the user. After the user logs in the first time, they may change the password to something that they prefer.

    The users will be assigned permission level "CF" - Computer Search and Select.

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