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    All Computers for Learning (CFL) participants must be located in the United States, the U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

    Public, Private Schools and Day Care Centers

    A school is eligible to receive donations through the Computers for Learning program if it is public, private, or parochial, serving pre-kindergarten through grade 12 students. Day care centers must provide a state-approved preschool curriculum.

    Educational Nonprofits

    An educational nonprofit is eligible if it is classified as tax-exempt under section 501(c) of the United States tax code and serves pre-kindergarten through grade 12 students. In addition, education nonprofit organization must meet ALL of the following criteria to participate in the CFL program:

    1. Be tax exempt under section 501(C) of the U.S. tax code, AND
    2. Serve some portion of the pre-kindergarten through grade 12 population, AND
    3. Operate primarily for the purpose of education.

    By completing the registration form, you are attesting that your educational nonprofit organization meets ALL of the eligibility requirements. Any federal agency that selects your educational nonprofit organization for donation will also ask you to provide proof of your eligibility. (Agencies determine what this should be, so it may vary.)

    Executive Order 12999 asks Federal agencies to make an extra effort to transfer excess computer equipment to eligible schools and educational nonprofit organizations in Federal Empowerment Zones and Enterprise Communities (EZ/ECs). Established by law in 1993, EZ/ECs create self-sustaining, long-term economic development in areas of pervasive poverty and unemployment. Schools and educational nonprofit organizations indicate whether they are located within an EZ/EC when they register for the program. Visit HUD's EZ/RC website at EZ/RC Website

    Visit the EZ/RC Locator here: Empowerment Zones, Enterprise Communities, Enterprise Zones, and Renewal Communities

    Not sure? E-mail the CFL program and they will help you decide.

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